iOS 5 turn-by-turn directions implementation, still Google

We had assumed that iOS 5 would have turn-by-turn directions implementation by using someone like Poly9 or Placebase. However, that does not seem to be the case and is said to be sticking with Google for now. This does mean that the search engine giant will still be supplying the maps for the iPhone for another year at least.

It is no secret that Apple is a little behind when it comes to offering turn-by-turn directions compared to the likes of Android and Nokia. We all know that Apple is a little slow when it comes to offering support of certain features – the camera being the perfect example of that. However, we now know that they are working hard to improve this, and a rumored 8-megapixel camera on the next iPhone is proof of that.

An article on 9to5 Google suggests that Apple is now in the process in improving their mapping system used on the current iOS, but it will not be Apple based. However, after the purchase of both the companies mentioned above, we know that it is coming – we just do not know when.

There is no explanation as to why the switchover from Google has not happened yet, considering how much Apple is separating themselves from the company. Why would Apple still want to use a rivals mapping solution when they have the ability to use their own? iOS users do not care who Apple use for free turn-by-turn directions, just as long as they get it this year.

Do you think that Steve Jobs will announce full turn-by-turn directions for iOS 5 during WWDC?

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