WWDC, iOS 5 talk of Twitter integration

WWDC the big Apple event is kicking off next week and it will be massive, iOS 5 will be one of the main subjects where social networking integration is implemented. iOS 5 will feature Twitter integration.

At the moment iOS device users use a Twitter client allowing you to upload and share photos, with the new Twitter integration in iOS 5 it will allow you to send photos to Twitter straight from your iPhone’s camera app.

iDB listed a few sites mentioning a few details of this integration, first up is TechCrunch who reports that Apple’s new iOS 5 will give users the option to share images to Twitter. In one respect it is basically like sharing videos on YouTube with one simple click in iOS, so when you open your camera app and take a picture there would be a “Send to Twitter” option.

DaringFireball’s John Gruber says “So close to the bigger story, but yet so far. Imagine what else the system could provide if your Twitter account was a system-level service.”

9to5Mac has gone a little more in-depth; in a nutshell they explain that Apple will allow iPhone users the option to set up “Photo Streams”, with the addition of privacy preferences giving you the choice of who sees your streams. Photo Streams will also allow you to invite other users to view your pictures as you take them and upload them to a service; apparently it is connected to MobileMe.

How about Twitter contact integration with other Twitter users, social photo/media sharing and even integration with other iPhone apps, this is a suggestion The Next Web talked about.

The new iOS 5 is to be announced at WWDC next week and we can see some new features, we can think of many like the Twitter integration, how about Facebook integration or StumbleUpon? The list could be endless.

Keep coming back as we will have all the information on iOS 5 and its new features, what would you like to see?

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