Apple Samsung relationship battle, TSMC ARM SoCs A6 partnership

The Apple and Samsung relationship at the moment is not going too well, so much so Apple may consider leaving Samsung in favor of TSMC to produce the new ARM SoCs aka A6 in 2012.

Could we really see a partnership embrace between Apple and TSMC, rumors of this did start at the beginning of this year and EE Times suggested a while back that Apple was working with TSMC. There is no solid evidence that Apple will moves its mobile processors to the 28nm process as of yet, but of course we will be right on top of the latest news covering this one.

Samsung has already produced A4 processors for the first Apple iPad and the iPhone 4, and the A5 processors are still being produced for Apple’s next-generation products, but this could come to a dead end for Samsung.

Apple is under contracts with Samsung still and when such contracts end this is where we could see Apple moving on, Apple launched a huge attack on Samsung in a legal battle claiming that they copied Apple’s iPhone and iPad with its Galaxy Tab tablets and Galaxy S smartphones. This could be a good move for Apple as the mentioned company above would cause no threat at all, as they would be a non-competitor.

Semiconductor analyst with Merrill Lynch in Taipei, Dan Heyler mentioned to the China-based Commercial Times newspaper that TSMC will most likely be producing “A6” processors for Apple.

Apple can stretch out its arms a little here because they have a few options, they could even move to Intel. Personally Intel would be a fantastic option for future Apple devices, think about Intel’s 22nm 3D transistor process. A few names for you to ponder on, iPhone 5 3D or iPhone 4S 3D, visit our comments area below and throw a few more future names at us.

Source – ArsTechnica via ITProPortal

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