How Siri works on iPhone 4S

Following the announcement that Apple’s iPhone 4S is the same design on the outside as the iPhone 4, we’ve seen a lot of negative feedback online, especially from Android users that were thinking of making the jump to iPhone.

At first look we even felt a little disappointed ourselves but this all changed once we had time to take a closer look at iPhone 4S, the hardware inside and more about iOS 5 and new features mentioned at Apple’s press conference yesterday. If you can get past the same old design, which is pretty nice, then you’ll be amazed at the amount that has changed on the inside.

The most impressive feature for us is the artificial intelligence that we heard rumors about before the event, and not only did they turn out to be true, but we also got a new feature that will change everything when it comes to interaction with mobile phones, and being productive in business and at home.

If you want to know how “Siri” works on iPhone 4S, you need to watch the video below. Look out for our hands-on review next week. You can also find more details here.

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