Change in iPhone 4S shipping time on Apple

The rush to the Apple Store when a new iPhone releases is well known with those of our readers that have upgraded their iPhone before, and today that happened with iPhone 4S although the shipping time has now changed on the Apple Store.

Earlier today we reported the iPhone 4S preordering went live, and we managed to get a couple of orders in, but this task was not so easy for other people and we were contacted by a few people that had been waiting on the processing screen for over 20 minutes. They later found out that closing the screen and starting again worked fine. It seemed orders that got stuck would never go through, and your best bet was to start again. Did this happen to you?

Within the last hour we’ve seen the iPhone 4S shipping time change to “1 to 2 weeks” as seen in the image above. When the first orders went in you could expect your new iPhone to ship “by October 14”. It now seems that orders taken could end up shipping at a later date, although current buyers hope they don’t get a delay too. We’ll update you on the sales results for the new iPhone when Apple releases this data.

Update: Another reader contacted us and said they’ve had two orders go through thanks to problems when ordering, although stopping an order was very easy. Just go into your account and delete the order you didn’t want.

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