Speed of iCloud: Faster with iPhone 4S

With the iCloud release date just a couple of days away, some people are wondering what the speed of iCloud will be like, and others warm to the idea of dual antennas on the new iPhone 4S for increased data speed.

At the very least it is expected that the new iPhone 4S antenna will correct issues seen with the 4th generation iPhone, and signal issues should be all but gone. In fact Apple has taken things much further by giving two data channels thanks to dual antennas that should give twice the speed, although we look forward to the real world tests from this week.

Apple will launch iCloud in two days time, although there are rumors iTunes and Mac computers should get the ability to use iCloud much sooner. You can see the full press release for iCloud on Apple’s website here. This includes iCloud pricing, which gives users the option to pay for more storage. These prices are currently $100 a year for 50GB, $40 a year for 20GB, $20 a year for 10GB and the first 5GB is free.

Getting new purchases automatically everywhere is pretty cool, and other features like Photo Stream allow you to take a photo on your iPhone then have it automatically appear on other devices even at home. The problems come when downloading large files and can be slow if you’re in an area with bad signal or no 3G/4G, which is well known in both the UK and United States. This is where the iPhone 4S should be faster.

Apple has stated that the iPhone 4S will get a maximum data download speed (HSDPA) of 14.4Mbps, and this is compared to the iPhone 4’s maximum of 7.2Mbps. This is thanks to the iPhone 4S being the first phone to “intelligently switch between two antennas”, which then allows it to receive and transmit, making your data move twice as fast, and your call quality even better. In theory this means that even if you’re in a bad signal area, you’ll still get twice the data via two antennas, which would not happen even if you had a 4G phone with no 4G in that area. Two is better than one as they say.

We’ll let you know more once we’ve had a chance to test the iPhone 4S in the real world. So remember to join our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep updated on all that is iPhone.

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