iPhone 4S cases for halloween

We’ve all got different ideas on what makes the perfect case, although when we enter a seasonal holiday you cannot help but want something in theme, and this goes for iPhone 4S cases for Halloween as well.

Those of you thinking about the iPhone 4S, or maybe you’ve already pre-ordered the new iPhone, will want to be careful considering the latest rumors that some iPhone 4 cases do not fit the new model, even if the design is pretty much the same. The problems comes thanks to the volume up and mute buttons moving just a little bit, although we’ll confirm how true this rumor is on Friday.

Back to Halloween, you can see a really cool pink Halloween iPhone 4 / 4S case below this article in the embedded video. If pink is not your thing then you need to see a special page setup by another brand on Case Mate.

The page lists what they call “creatures”, and while certain rumors state that the 4S design could be a little different, Case Mate are selling these cases as “iPhone 4S” silicone cases with plenty of bandages for the Halloween theme. The list includes Monsta, Gil, Hoot, Frank, Tut, Xing, Bubbles and Waddler. See them in action with videos and pictures over on case-mate.com/creatures.

Will you be getting a Halloween case for your iPhone?

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