Sprint iPhone 4S users forced to pay roaming fees

Bad news for Sprint customers wishing to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone 4S, they will not be getting the iPhone 4S with unlocked micro-SIM card slot.

This news actually means that Sprint iPhone 4S users will be forced to pay roaming fees, you can roam on GSM networks internationally but at a cost. Users will not be able to insert a GSM microSIM into the iPhone 4S whilst abroad to escape Sprint’s roaming charges; Sprint denies this is the case according to Ars Technica.

If you visit Macworld, they report that the iPhone 4S would be sold with the microSIM slot unlocked, which allows users to use prepaid SIM cards to stay away from international roaming. Sprint will be offering international roaming on GSM networks, and the set back being you would need a monthly plan.

So to put it bluntly and plainly, Sprint will NOT be selling an unlocked iPhone 4S that you can use with international microSIMs. How do you feel that Sprint’s iPhone 4S will not work with international microSIMs?

If you are a Sprint customer or thinking about moving on over to them, how do you feel about the above news? If Sprint customers could get their hands on the unlocked iPhone 4S with a starting price of $199, surely this would make the $549 unlocked redundant.

We will bring you more news on this; soon as we hear anything we will notify you. In the meantime do have your say below and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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