Losing unlimited data a problem for iPhone 5 buyers

Most Version Wireless customers should have heard about changes coming to their plans this summer, which in a nutshell means no more unlimited data for those of you that upgrade to a subsidized phone or if you’re a new customer. Obviously if you’re happy keeping the same phone or spending more money on unsubsidized smartphones then you can keep your existing unlimited data plan.

Looking forward to the iPhone 5 release later this year – We’ve looked at what might stop some iPhone owners from upgrading to the 6th generation iPhone, and top of the list seems to be losing the unlimited data option with Verizon users. Feedback to iPhone Rumors comes along the lines of “so much for me getting a new phone” when they hear news of Verizon’s pending changes, and others have outright said “losing my unlimited data plan will stop me buying the next iPhone“.

It’s obvious most of our readers wouldn’t want to lose an unlimited data plan, especially in these times when a lot of people cannot afford to lose this option.

If you’re with Verizon Wireless – would losing unlimited data cause an issue for you when upgrading to a new iPhone?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea big red is making a BIG ASS MISTAKE they will lose alot of customers and I will leave to and go 2get at&t

  2. Verizon will lose all of my business trying to suck more money out of my pocket! I know AT&T is not unlimited data but their network for iPhones is superior to Verizon! I was told as long as I keep buying smart phones I will never lose my unlimited data! I dont like being lied to!

  3. Greedy_cunts says:

    greedy money grabbing capitalist cunts.

  4. It’s still not unlimited.

  5. if i lose my unlimited data by upgrading to the iphone 5, i WILL switch to at&t! their data network blows verizon out of the water!

  6. sheryl.gates@nasa.gov says:

    Let’s just say that NO MORE unlimited data SUCKS!  It doesn’t matter if you’re upgrading to a new phone OR  a new customer!

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