Behind iPhone 5/iPad 4 manufacturing are Foxconn, Sharp, and Samsung politics

Some of us wonder what goes on behind the design and manufacturing of our products, and with companies like Apple creating devices that sell in the billions of dollars, how do they keep an eye on profit margins and quality control? One thing we’ve all come to know is that Apple like working with Foxconn, which could be to do with getting labor and parts cheaper, or it could be to do with their record for finishing the job how Apple likes it?

Behind iPhone 5 and iPad 4 manufacturing – at some point this year we will see an iPhone 5, or officially known as the 6th generation iPhone, and also early next year we’ll see the next iPad. Apple are making deals right now that are making the process of getting these products to the consumer in a way that’s easier for Apple, cheaper for Apple, and also at a better quality. This is our opinion anyway, which is taken from looking at signs seen in some of the latest news stories.

Take a look at Foxconn’s investment in Sharp (around $808 million) that will create a new iPhone display plant, and this partnership has also created rumors in the past over a new Apple TV that could come this year. The real politics are shown in the Foxconn-Sharp deal and growing separation between Apple and Samsung, which this new deal could be seen as the start of an Apple-Samsung split.

One comment we found, in this forum, covers the politics in a nutshell “Apple has already done trial manufacturing runs with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) for A6 and later chips. Apple already ditched Samsung as a supplier of DRAM, going with Elpida Memory Inc. (in Japan).

With this in-mind it shows that while courtroom battles hurt, losing a contract could do more damage in the long run.

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