iPhone 5 Thunderbolt connector is too much

The 6th generation iPhone that is due towards the end of this year might have a new connector, which would see the old 30-pin port scrapped in favor of something much smaller. The real reason for this change could very well be down to European laws, and trying to be more universal with a Mini USB-based connector although some people think the smaller hole could be for a Thunderbolt connection.

What if the so-called iPhone 5 had a Thunderbolt connector? This would mean Apple doesn’t care much for trying to meet the common Micro USB standard in Europe, and instead they might want their own Thunderbolt technology on most Apple devices. In our opinion this connector would be way too much for the iPhone, especially considering Apple’s push for pairing with Wi-Fi and iCloud. Most iPhone users simply don’t transfer enough to warrant the need for this much speed.

Would you want a Thunderbolt connector on the next iPhone?


  1. Cdmurphy says:

    No I would not like a thunderbolt connector on the next iphone but I sure do want an external battery included to be able to replace the battery when I’m out and about and nowhere near an electrical socket to charge my phone. come on Apple oblidge your followers/customers.

  2. D Dochterman says:

    Uh… this connector would make connecting the charge cord much easier. It’s as simple as that.

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