Siri on iOS 6 vs. Google Search on Android Jelly Bean

It is interesting seeing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean having a crack at matching what Siri offers, and while the new Google Search on Jelly Bean is a vast improvement; we have to laugh when some Android owners think it’s the answer to Siri on iOS 6. We have included a video below that compares both of these voice command options, so have a watch and decide for yourself.

In our opinion Android 4.1 has a long way to go if it wants to come close to Siri on iOS 6 beta 2, which shows why Siri is still number one and nothing comes close. The new Siri gives you much more detail about movies with reviews and trailers, you can ask almost anything about restaurants and even make a reservation via Siri, iOS 6 users can launch apps with Siri, get turn-by-turn directions, post status updates to Facebook and Twitter, have notifications read out by Siri, and a lot more like setting alarms, reminders, dictating, and making phone calls.

The key difference seems to be in the extra detail and options Siri will provide users with even more diversity in iOS 6. Watch the video below and hit the comments.

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