iOS vs. Android growth rate for last 3 months

We have always said that comparing iPhone to Android is crazy considering Apple’s phone is just one device, which is then compared to an army of brands running Android OS, but this is done anyway by most blogs and mainstream media. When we look at a report by ComScore for “Smartphone Platform Market Share” it’s interesting to see Apple’s iOS grew 1.7% over the last 3 months, and Android’s market share increased just 0.8% in the same period.

These figures are for the 100 million people that own smartphones in the United States, which has increased by 5% in the 3 months ending May 2012. Some people feel that Androids OS is starting to stagnate and hope that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean helps increase growth for Google’s mobile OS. You can see the full ComScore report here, which also shows Top Mobile OEMs and Mobile Content Usage for the same period.

Why do you think iOS is growing faster than Android?

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