Leaked iPhone 5 parts reassembled

If you have been tracking the latest iPhone 5 news over the last few weeks you’ll know about all the leaked parts showing up online, although none of these have been confirmed, but there are certainly some solid examples of what the iPhone 5 is likely to become.

Following all these Apple rumors we’re now seeing these parts come together, which an Apple repairer has managed to get most of the parts into the new iPhone 5 frame, although some parts are missing like plastic gaskets and fittings. You can see all the photos in a blog post on iResQ.

Do you like how the iPhone 5 and 4S models apparently compare? Check out the photos on this page and give us your opinion, especially if you’re happy with the increase in length and smaller docking port. We love the slightly longer form factor and look forward to seeing how this benefits the user, although we can see some iPhone fans disliking the change in aspect ratio.


  1. You’ve got to be kidding me? Change the connection so all the accessories I have for my iphone 4 won’t work for the new model? I don’t think so….bad move, if this is true.

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