iOS 6 is perfect for business

BlackBerry has been known as the best smartphone maker for business, although in 2012 it seems that RIM has lost a lot of business market share to competitors like Android and Apple. The iPhone 5 is about to release in around a month and with it we’ll see Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 6, which is expected to improve on iOS 5 in a number of ways and this includes business features.

How will iOS 6 be the best choice for business? One of the best articles we’ve found that highlights all the reasons why business users need an iPhone 5 or iOS 6 can be found here. It’s also good to remember that there are a lot of consumer features within iOS 6, which business users are sure to benefit from as well. These include the iCloud Tabs sync, a do not disturb feature, and improved privacy settings.

In summary the iOS 6 improvements for business include:

  • Automatically Disable Notifications When Using a Projector
  • Unified iMessage And FaceTime
  • Setting Call Reminders
  • Decline Calls With A Response Message
  • Easier Access to Drafts in Mail
  • Multiple Mail Signatures
  • Mail Account Notifications
  • VIP Mail Filtering And Notifications

Are you looking forward to iOS 6, and if so are you looking forward to improvements for business and work?

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