Hate Apple iOS 6 maps? Nokia maps ‘Here’ to arrive soon

The Apple iOS 6 maps are a little problematic and it’s no secret, although we did use the new maps for a number of hours with no issues, but the same cannot be said for every iOS user. If you go searching for roads and landmarks in the 3D mode that don’t look right, you will find them, although the issues with iOS 6 maps are much bigger than this. Some people have been sent wrong ways and nearly had a major crash, although it is fair to say most people shouldn’t rely 100% on the app and should use their eyes as well.

Nokia want to help with their maps app called “here – it seems that Nokia might be offfering a solution in the coming weeks called “here“, which we’ve heard about via this article. They claim that a free maps app is on the way from Nokia, and the reason behind it is the fact that Apple have a lot of users looking for a better solution to the current maps, and Nokia need more users using their solution. The new Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone is gaining popularity and the camera looks impressive, but it won’t reach nowhere near the amount of users seen using iOS.

Take a look at the full details in the link above, and let us know if you’re going to wait for Apple to improve their maps, or would you start trying other solutions?

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