iPhone 5 leasing from O2 and Vodafone

There are a number of ways to purchase the new iPhone 5 although the high price makes certain options impossible for some people, which is why both O2 and Vodafone are offering something you’d normally find when picking up a new car. Meet iPhone 5 leasing, which is being offered by both O2 and Vodafone with different marketing angles for this service. Vodafone call their service “Red Hot“, and it allows you to pick up a new smartphone every year with nothing or “little” to pay upfront, which includes the Apple iPhone 5 among other handsets.

The smartphone leasing option includes a lot in one package, like insurance, texts, calls, and internet data for a monthly price that allows you to change handset once a year. Vodafone Red Hot is a service that is tagged “exclusively in store“, so you’d need to pop along to your local UK store or visit their website here to find out more.

O2 Lease – this is the name of the service by O2, and they state that their smartphone leasing is “for your business“, so this might not suit the majority of users. You can learn how leasing an iPhone 5 works with O2 UK here, and also that page includes service plans among other important details. Would you lease an iPhone 5? There are a number of services in the United States as well, one we saw is called In Touch USA although we know very little about this brand, so feel free to hit the comments if you’ve used them.

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