YouTube iPad app wanted during iPhone update

You might remember that Google delivered a dedicated YouTube app right around the launch of the iPhone 5, which had been due to the fact that iOS 6 removed the YouTube integration, but since that apps release we’ve seen no updates although recently we heard a few rumors about something coming soon. There’s an update due very soon for the YouTube app for iPhone, which should bring much better support for the iPhone 4S and larger iPhone 5 screen, but we can’t help wondering where the iPad app is?

YouTube app for Apple iPad – if you own an iPad and updated to iOS 6, or even purchased the iPad 4/mini with iOS 6 installed already, you might be wondering where the YouTube app has gone? If you knew it wouldn’t be there, then you might be wondering why there’s no YouTube app for iPad in the App Store? The problem is there isn’t one, not at this time anyway and Google/YouTube are taking there time releasing something, which means a trip to the mobile YouTube website is all that we have right now.

What new features do you want to see in the YouTube app for iPhone, and how do you feel about waiting for an iPad version? You can read more about the rumored YouTube update coming to iPhone here, and see when that update goes live here on iTunes, which currently shows the last update had been Sept 11.

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