Don’t believe iPhone 5S Q1 release rumors

We know that Apple has been far from traditional of late when it comes to launching new products, which had been seen with a new iPad mini and 4th generation iPad that launched well within a year of the previous generation, so what does this mean for the 7th generation iPhone expected next year? We’ve only just seen the iPhone 5 launch in September but traffic hungry websites are trying to gain hits from talking about the next incarnation, and when doing this a few of them are dreaming about a Q1 release for the so-called iPhone 5S.

Don’t believe these iPhone 5S Q1 release rumors – as we mentioned before, if Apple were to bring the iPhone launch back to the traditional WWDC event then this would be in June 2013, and certainly not in Q1 of next year. This is still speculation but it does make sense to us for Apple to move the next iPhone, likely named 5S or 6, to a new launch window thanks to the end of the year becoming crowded. Would you like to see WWDC 2013 bring a new iPhone, or do you feel it is too soon? Also are you an Apple fan that likes to purchase most major Apple products, and if so you must agree it’s much more affordable if Apple spread these launches out?


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