Release of Google Maps for iOS 6 embarrasses Apple Maps

When many of us iPhone fans found out that Apple were to drop Google Maps in favor of their very own Apple Maps we were a little apprehensive, but the moment we knew the new app would offer turn-by-turn navigation the excitement level grew. However, it was short lived because anyone who has the app installed will know just how awful it can be at times. We knew that something had to be done in order to give iPhone users what they want and need, so you’ll be please to learn that the release of Google Maps for iOS 6 is finally here and it is clear from the start just how much it embarrasses Apple Maps.

Let us not take it away from Apple because they have done a great job with their navigation app in a short amount of time, but releasing something that should still be in the beta stage was an oversight. I’ve had some great success with Apple Maps, but there have been more bad moments. So when I learned that Google Maps was finally live on the App Store I just had to install it. Those of you who have installed and tried the much-anticipated app will see that it’s less busy than Apple’s, which will have mixed reactions. However, you will not have to fear being taken somewhere completely different to where you wanted to go, or being told that there were no results for your search.


  1. Finally Google Maps are released for iOS 6 for more
    We all know that there are no Google maps on iOS 6, the
    latest software update released by Apple for its iPhones because of the rivalry
    between Google and Apple. However, iOS 6 has some other maps but they failed totally
    in satisfying the customers. Hence, Apple finally decided to re-introduce
    Google Maps in iOS 6. Actually, the maps were… –

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