iPhone 5 RADIUS case more popular than Bummpies

Most iPhone 5 owners would rather not use a case because they feel that it takes the good looks away from the handset, but as this latest smartphone from Apple is prone to scratches they have no choice but to cover it up. Now there are a few iPhone 5 cases on the market that are see-through, so you are able to still see the lovely design, but it does make the phone look and feel a little bulkier. However, there are two kick-starter projects that aim to correct that issue and allow you to see the beauty of the handset while protecting it, and the best thing is you can still enjoy the beauty of how thin the device is.

Firstly there is the iPhone 5 RADIUS and the not so popular iPhone 5 Bummpies. Both products have the same goal, but it is clear to see that the former is far more popular. The RADIUS needs a total of $25,000 before there is a chance of the product going into production. You can clearly see here that a total of $10,905 has been reached thanks to the help of 33 backers. There is just 33 days left, so if you would like to see this kick-starter make it then the minimum donation is $1.

As for the Bummpies for the iPhone 5, in order for this to be released a total of $35,500 goal needs to be achieved. From the 38 backers only $1,285 has been reached, and there is just 20 days to go. It is clear to see which of the two is more popular, but which would you rather, check the videos below then make your choice.


  1. Wow, its really look good i think its best for my iphone 5 so can you suggest  me where can I buy this one??

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