iPhone 5S could counter Galaxy S4 rivalry on two fronts

If you were to ask most iPhone users they would tell you that the likely release of the iPhone 5S will be in September 2013, as that was when the current version of Apple’s Smartphone was released this year. However, it does seem as though Apple are beginning to change their release cycle of their products, so maybe it is not too far fetched that they will launch the iPhone 5S even earlier next year?

We are hearing that Apple could possibly launch the iPhone 5S as early as June, and if this were the case then it does make sense for one reason, it would be more of a rival to the Samsung Galaxy S4, as we all know that this smartphone should launch in May. If this were to be the case then Samsung would only enjoy a month before their biggest rival were to release their latest and greatest. It’s not just the early release either that Apple plans to mount an attack, as it’s also been suggested that there could be 6-8 iPhone 5S colors as well.

Both these things are not hard to believe because we have seen Apple doing both these things, such as releasing the iPad 4 much sooner than anticipated, and also releasing a greater choice of iPod touch colors as well. Personally releasing the iPhone 5S is a little too soon, but having more of a color choice is something that we have been asking for a while now.

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