YouTube Capture streamlines iPhone video capturing and uploading

One of the best features of the iPhone 5 is the HD video recording and being able to share that with friends and also people you have not met before needs to be as simple a process as it can be. Thankfully the new YouTube Capture app does just that as it streamlines iPhone video capturing and uploading. The app went live yesterday and while there are a number of other apps that claim to do the same thing, they are not as quick and easy as this one from Google.

With the YouTube Capture app you are able to record quickly and capture certain moments in less clicks than ever before, as well as there being less lag as well. One of the best features is being able to enhance automatically, which means that you can alter the color, stabilization and also trim your videos. As well as being able to share your videos on YouTube, you can also share it to other social services as well, such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter all at the same time, again making it a fast and seamless process.

The new app works with many other iOS devices, but there’s no denying that the best results will be captured from an iPhone 5 with its impressive HD video recording. More details on the YouTube Capture app can be found on the App Store, as well as a demo of the app in action in the video we have embedded for you below.

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