iPhone Neo One more opportunistic than money grab

When Apple customers heard of the release of the iPhone Neo One some of them might have assumed that Apple had announced a new device, although it was quickly evident that this was a smartphone from another company, and an Android device at that. IGB Electronica SA, a Brazilian company has stated that they own the rights to the ‘iphone’ trademark, but it seems as though their claim is not as clear-cut as first thought.

It’s been suggested that IGB own the rights to the name iPhone in Brazil, which is why they have decided to release the iPhone Neo One, but a recent article has suggested that the company actually owns the trademark ‘G gradiente iphone’ instead. We’re not too sure of the legal ramifications of this, but we are certain that Apple’s lawyers will be looking into it. Now some people will say that this is just a money grab scheme, but if they do own the trademark like they say, then why have they left it so long to benefit from it?

There are many reasons why this is, but we believe that this is just opportunistic more than anything and Apple could either allow it to happen in order for them to get their foot in the door of Brazil, which we know they will want to do after China, but there will have to be some sort of licensing deal. However, let’s remember that this is not as straightforward as you or I believe, only time will tell.

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