iOS Countdown to track Santa and play games

The Countdown to track Santa has already begun and you’ll be pleased to know that there are just 3 days and 22 hours left before the big guy gets on his sleigh and begins to offer out gifts to all the good kids out there. However, in the meantime the guys behind the NORAD Tracks Santa app knows that kids will be waiting anxiously for that big day, so have also included a feature that allows them to play games as well, which will certainly keep them occupied.

This is the official mobile app from NORAD, so don’t get confused and download one of those other wannabes as they don’t have a hotline direct to Santa and his elves. Going back to the games, there are two in all and support the iPhone and iPod touch, these are Elf Toss and Thin Ice. We have only managed to play the first game at first and is a little like Angry Birds, as you have to launch an Elf and get him/her to land in Santa’s sleigh. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but I think I have now mastered it. However, I don’t wish to tell you my score, as I’m sure there are a few children out three that will make my score look a little lame.

Just one more thing, while the app does offer iOS 6 support, it seems as though it does not support the iPad, which means you will have to zoom in to get a better look at the NORAD Tracks Santa app. More details on the app can be found by visiting the App Store.

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