iPhone 5 Rokshield v3 case for mechanics or technicians

It took a while before third-party accessory makers got their act together and started to offer out a decent choice of iPhone 5 cases, and because the new smartphone from Apple doesn’t seem as robust as the previous model, well these cases are needed more than ever. With a decent choice now available you have to decide what sort of protection you will need. One idea would be the iPhone 5 Rokshield v3 case, which doesn’t offer you the sort of protection as the OtterBox Defender, but it is ideal for mechanics or technicians instead of builders.

The Rokshield v3 case, which you can see on their official website is a two-part design with the inner part being made from hard polycarbonate and the outer having a rubber bumper finish. In order to encase your iPhone 5 in the Rokshield v3 you just need to pull the bottom piece of the case off from the top and slide it in, then just snap the bottom part back on and you’re in business. What makes this case so cool is how it comes with a magnet on the rear of the case, so ideal for placing it on something metal so that you do not lose your phone. Don’t worry about the magnet being so close to the iPhone because it’s said to be perfectly safe. There’s also a handy bottle opener on the rear of the case as well, although not too sure I would want to risk any fluid leaking over my iPhone 5.

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