New iPhone smart watch like an overpriced Nano

If we are to believe recent rumors then we could see a new Apple device next year, which is being dubbed the iPhone smart watch. This new product is said to be a joint venture between Apple and Intel and will help connect a watch to your iPhone to offer a greater flexibility. Okay, so we have already seen products like this before, but you cannot deny that there is a future in this kind of thing. However, we do fear that it will end up looking like an overpriced iPod Nano.

According to the rumor it’s suggested that the so-called iPhone smartwatch will be released in early 2013 and will also be able to connect to other iOS devices, but one would presume that the iPhone would be the main connected device because of its portability and ease to connect to the Internet while on the move. If we are to believe what the sources are saying then we can expect the watch to have a 1.5-inch OLED display and will be very similar to the Pebble kickstarter project.

Such a device would not have been practical in the past on iOS devices, but because Apple have updated to Bluetooth 4.0, it offers far more options with wireless technology with each other. Android fans will say that Android is already one-step ahead of Apple when it comes to linking their handsets with other such devices, so Apple should give this one a miss, along with the fact that Apple is just trying to reinvent the wheel once again. However, if the rumor is true then the iPhone smartwatch will offer greater flexibility than rival products by allowing you to manage your smartphone in a much better way.

How would the iWatch compare to the Sony Smartwatch, which you can see in the video below?

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