Re-calibrate your iPhone 4S to solve battery drain problems

Now that the iPhone 5 has been on the market for a few months we only seem to hear that the new Apple handset has been having interment battery drain problems, but we have to remind you that the iPhone 4S is also suffering the same issues – if not worse. Although, we have recently had iOS 6.0.2 update there are still battery issues, but then again this update was said to only resolve Wi-Fi problems.

However, there is a quick and easy way to try and solve battery drain problems with the iPhone 4S, and that’s to re-calibrate your battery. It’s a simple process and only requires you to fully discharge your battery and then recharge it without any disruptions. You may find that you will need to do this if your battery can sometimes shut off when your phone still shows that there is 10-30 percent left on the battery indicator.

If for some reason this does not resolve the issue and your phone still shuts off when there’s still a decent percentage of battery life showing, then you’re best to contact Apple because there could be a serious issue with the battery inside your iPhone 4S. However, if you are just noticing that your battery drains quicker than usual, then chances are it’s still a software issue.

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