Nectar Power fuel cell charger for your iPhone

For years many companies have been trying to bring fuel cell technology to you and I, but as yet there has been no viably solution – well not in an affordable way anyway. It’s hoped that one day most of our devices and vehicles will be powered by this more efficient power source. However, we have just learned about the Nectar Power fuel cell charger, which could power your iPhone.

Well we say for your iPhone, but it will also be able to charge any other USB powered device as well – although we are not interested in them. As with other fuel-cell chargers the device will come in two parts, the charger itself and also the fuel cells, which costs $299 and $9.99 respectively. According to a recent article that had some hands-on time with the charger during the CES event, each cell should be able to fully charge an iPhone 10 times.

How practical is the Nectar Power fuel cell charger? This could be an issue, as that would mean it would cost you $1 per charge, which is not cheap and not practical because you will need to keep stocked up on fuel cells.

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