Condom Size iPhone app educates men on their manhood

More people are now practicing safe sex, which is a good thing, but there are still a huge number of men out there who don’t like to use protection because in the past they have not had a good experience wearing condoms because they did not fit them very well. However, there’s now a new app called Condom Size for the iPhone and the iPad.

The main goal for the developers of this app is to help educate men on the size of their manhood because if they can get a man to measure his penis correctly then hopefully more men will practice safer sex.

The instructions are very clear and will help you to measure your length and girth, once you have your size then the app will recommend the correct condom for you. There is a concern that the Condom Size iPhone app can crash so if you have downloaded this from the App Store we’d love to know if you have had any issues, and if you feel that you are now more educated on the size of your manhood?


  1. Do we really need this kind of app?

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