Lack of Apple Maps update in iOS 6.1 no surprise

We knew that iOS 6.1 was coming but as usual Apple kept it quiet until the last minute, but maybe this was a good thing because what they did update was nothing that special. They did tell us that a few security issues and bugs had been fixed, but the things that really mattered were left out.

There has been a few comments made on various websites stating that there was a lack of Apple Maps update in iOS 6.1, but is this really a surprise considering what Apple had told us before Christmas? They said that any changes and updates needed for Apple Maps would be made on the fly, but we have to wonder if they meant updates to the problems with not being able to find certain places or improving the overall features as well?

This is a non-issue for me because I’ve already switched over to Google Maps, although I much prefer my standalone GPS any day.

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