Super Bowl 2013 on an iPhone with Verizon and Slingbox

There’s just one day left until Super Bowl XLVII and if you are unable to watch the game at home because you are out and about then there are a couple of ways to watch the Super Bowl on your iPhone. The first is with a Verizon app and the second with the Slingbox app. Okay, so we know that the screen is a little small to view the big game on, but it’s better then not seeing it at all.

Out of the two the NFL Mobile by Verizon option is the easiest because it will live stream the game to your iPhone or even your iPad as well. Although the app is free you will need to pay a monthly fee of $5. However, for what you get from the app it’s certainly worth the fee.

The other option is to connect your iPhone to a Slingbox device, which allows you to connect the streaming device to your cable box and then stream the footage to your handset.

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