SurfacePad iPhone case with built-in stand

The iPhone 4/4S and 5 are built to the highest quality and keeping them protected is so important when you consider how much these smartphones cost new. The way to do this is by using a case, but more often than not they add too much bulk to your handset, but not with the SurfacePad iPhone case, which also features a built-in stand.

There are other options to help protect your iPhone, such as a bumper, but they don’t look as elegant as the SurfacePad case. This accessory wraps round your iPhone 4/4S and 5 to give it an even more luxury look and feel with its soft leather finish and comes in a choice of 3 colors, Red Pop, Modern White and Jet Black.

This is not only a case but an iPhone stand as well, so you are able to watch videos or have a FaceTime chat, or even use it as a clock radio, with the correct app of course. The price for the SurfacePad iPhone case is $34.99; more details available here.


  1. Nice case. Plus, the fact that it has many colors to choose from, I’m sure this will be a GREAT case that everyone will like.

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