iOS 6.1.1 Apple Maps update has limitations

We have recently learned that Apple is to update the Apple Maps features in iOS 6.1.1, although it does have its limitations, and that’s because these improvements will only apply to Japan. However, that’s not saying that Apple has forgot about us because they are currently looking for someone in order to work with their team to bring a host of improvements to iOS Maps, although we have no idea how long the rest of us will have to wait for these improvements.

Going back to the main story, Apple has already made iOS 6.1.1 available to download today for devs so they can start to test the new features and bug fixes. While we have no idea what these other features will be, you’ll see here a full list of those new iOS 6.1.1 Apple Maps features.

When Apple does finally offer an update to their Map app what would you like to see improved? I stopped using this app ever since Google Maps was made available to iOS devices once again.


  1. some of the maps information and location is wrong.. but it does not mean that this integration is worthless…

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