New iPhone 5 color conversion offers 12 choices

While I love my iPhone 5 there is one thing that always sticks in my mind, and that is the lack of color choice. Okay, so we know that there are rumors that the next version will offer more choice, but until Apple make this official we have to take it with a grain of salt. There are ways in which you can change the color of your iOS device, such as ColorWare, but this is a little expensive.

However, Mendmyi has a color lab in the UK where they offer an iPhone 5 color conversion service, with a choice of 12 colors available. You have several choices, which will affect the price, these are use the original housing, new replacement housing, parts only (no fitting), or factory unlocked iPhones. However, the cheapest option is to go with your original housing.

This is the perfect way to make your iPhone 5 unique, but which color will you choose?

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