PowerSkin PoP’n external iPhone 5 battery is distinctive

With so many after market options in order to get more from your iPhone 5 battery we know how difficult it can be choosing the right one. The thing is most of them are pretty good at what they do, but more often than not one or two accessories stand out, such as the PowerSkin PoP’n.

This external iPhone 5 battery produces some amazing results, and what makes this so different is that this is not a case as such. However, you can still attach it to your iPhone 5 thanks to the use of 24 suction cups that stick to the rear of your phone.

Looking over the specs of the PowerSkin PoP’n external iPhone 5 battery we can see that the battery is 2000 mAh, so 500 mAh more than the Juice Pack Helium from Mophie. Although this can be used on other devices, it is Apple certified.

While the suction cups can stick to your iPhone 5, it cannot stick to material such as leather. The price of this accessory is $79.99 with more details on this HERE.

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