Apple’s A7 chip pre-production looms for 2014 iPhone

Even though we have yet to see the release of the new iPhone for 2013, which could consist of more than one model, there is news that Apple’s upcoming A7 chip is soon to enter pre-production. This means that there are just a few more issues that needs to be ironed out before the chip enters production ready to be used in the 2014 iPhone.

You may wonder why Apple is being a little premature, but this is the brains of iOS devices and because they are moving away from Samsung who produce a majority of the chips, other sources have to be lined up.

It’s reported that Apple has gone with TSMC and that pilot production will begin this summer to make certain that things are going in the right direction. Final production will not begin until Q1 2014, but that time we should know far more than we do now.

This is certain to be a huge blow for Samsung, but we do hope that this will not come back to bite Apple, as the infrastructure was already there and proved very well for both companies.

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