Tough waterproof ATLAS iPhone 5 case

When you want a rugged case for your iPhone 5 you normally have to spend a decent sum of money in order to get one that will offer a good amount of protection, but people are not worried about spending the extra in order to keep their smartphone safe in extreme circumstances.

The ATLAS case for the iPhone 5 is not only tough but waterproof as well, although don’t expect it to be able to take shots while underwater like the Optrix Adventure case, but that’s not what this accessory is all about.

If you are looking for a case that is not only waterproof but also dirtproof and shockproof then the ATLAS has to be worth the consideration. However, what makes this case so different to others offering the same kind of protection is that this one is slim.

You can see more details below and also on the official Incipio website, but you should know the price for this case is $89.99.

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