Anticipating WWDC 2013 reveals

Over the years Apple has been predictable when it comes to what they will announce during the Worldwide Developers Conference, but WWDC 2013 will be a little different because of how Apple has done a few things over the past year or so that is out of their usual product cycle.

However, as always there are several blogs doing their best in anticipating what those all-important reveals will be, and while the most talked about product will be the upcoming iOS 7, there is still plenty of other products that could be revealed at the event.

Computer World believes iCloud, Maps and Siri will be a main focus for Apple, although they do expect to see a new Apple HDTV as well. There have been suggestions that the next iPhone could make an appearance as well, but we personally believe this will be a no show, and we will have to wait until the iPhone 5S/6 and possibly a low-cost iPhone will be unveiled in September.

Thanks to Viral Phone.

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