Imaginary iOS 7 feature proves popular

We’ve looked at several areas where Apple can improve on their iOS software, but we have to ask ourselves why are some of the most popular iOS 7 features imaginary? We say this because looking at the multitude of concept videos it’s obvious many or all of them will not make it to the new mobile operating system for the upcoming iPhone 5S and other such devices.

Take the one you can see below, this is yet another look at how one user believes multitasking needs to be revamped, and we have to say this is one of the better iOS 7 concept videos. We love how Apple is being asked to steal this idea and give it to us in the next iOS update.

You’ll see just how versatile the feature would be, and while it’s not the most original idea, we have to say it is one of the better interpretations; thanks to JH. If you watch the video from beginning to end you would almost believe Jony Ive and his team developed it and were giving us a video preview.

If you could choose one new feature for iOS 7, what would it be and why?

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