New iPhone experience with T-Mobile in 2013

It’s been a long time coming, six years in fact, and finally T-Mobile customers will have the choice to use an iPhone. This will be an important phone for the carrier, as they take a new approach from today in which they will deliver to their customers a different experience, and getting the iPhone in 2013 is a step in the right direction.

Many of you will be thinking what is the big deal, but having an iPhone 5 with LTE on their portfolio has to be a positive, although we can’t help being a little skeptical. The problem is, some T-Mobile customers may want to hold off getting the iPhone 5, as the iPhone 5S or a different iPhone model should be with us in a little over 5 months, although that’s still a while off yet.

Having said that, we have seen over the years T-Mobile lose a lot of customers who have moved on to rival carriers just so they can get their hands on the iPhone, so this could not only slow those numbers down, but there’s even a chance some of those defectors could come crawling back as well.

Thanks to CNET News.

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