XCOM: Enemy Unknown gets the iOS treatment

XCOM: Enemy Unknown proved to be a very popular game on consoles last year and seems just a matter of time before the likes of the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad were able to get a taste of this turn-based tactical role-playing strategy game. Well thankfully you will soon be able to download, and play the game on your iOS device in the summer – well that’s the hope.

The news broke a few days ago, and as you would imagine iOS users were wondering what changes would be made to the story. Thankfully, we can tell you the story will be the same as the console and PC version.

The next question will be the price, as it’s obvious this will not be one of the cheaper iOS gaming apps. Joystiq believes the price for XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS devices could be anywhere from $1 – $15, we feel as though less than $10 would be a better assumption.

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