iPhone 6 release perplexity continues

Since Apple released the iPhone 5 some of you were not as impressed as others over the new design, so we started to look at the next-generation version. It’s more than obvious that Apple would stick to their release schedule and unveil the iPhone 5S next.

However, this has not stopped us from looking at what we would like to see with the iPhone 6, as well as reporting some strange rumors that Tim Cook could surprise us with the iPhone 6 releasing later this year. As we said, this is just one of those strange rumors, so we find it funny why several bloggers are reporting the delay of the iPhone 6 release.

Product Reviews were first to point this out, because how can something be delayed when it hasn’t even been announced? Although, this is nothing new, as we go through the same each year, so why should 2013 be any different?

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