iPhone 6 with larger display poses problems

Tim Cook has been a little vocal in regards to an iPhone with a larger screen, which could put doubt on a 5-inch (or thereabouts) iPhone 6. The reason for this Cook says is because there could be a tradeoff when increasing the size of the display.

Those compromises Tim spoke so much about during Appleā€™s quarter earnings call includes issues with color quality, reflectivity, resolution, portability, compatibility with apps and several more. He also said that the screen on the current iPhone is the best yet, so anything larger would affect the quality of this.

However, we find this strange, as other handset makers don’t seem to have an issue with this, with the HTC One being perfect proof of that. Could this just be another way for Apple to screw those of us who have stuck with them all the way? Having said that, we do agree that going too large with an iPhone screen would compromise portability, as we would not want something as big as a Galaxy Note in our pocket, although a size about the size of the Galaxy S4 would be perfect.

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