Another iOS 7 conception shows new additions

Now that WWDC 2013 tickets have been on sale, and sold out in a short amount of time, that shows how people are curious as to what Apple will be showing at the event. One such product will be iOS 7, which will be their first mobile OS to have the Jony Ive touch, but will it be any good?

Having said that, we don’t think it can be any worse than iOS 6, and we presume that Ive would want to distance himself for what many users believe to be one of the worst versions of iOS yet.

We’ve already seen several concept videos, which shows what the fans would like to see, and while it would be nice to see these as part of iOS 7, we don’t think it will happen, although it’s nice to hope.

We have been treated to yet another iOS conception, which not only highlights several app redesigns, but also helps to show us what it would be like to have an iOS with some great customization.


  1. BridgetEmery says:

    *jaw drop*

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