DODOnotes is an iPhone compatible paper notebook

Have you ever been sitting there thinking how cool it would be to have a iPhone case that would also double as a paper notebook? Well thankfully DODOcase has with DODOnotes. There are two versions, one for the iPhone 4/4S and the other for the iPhone 5.

DODOnotes for the iPhone is made in the USA and comes complete with 30 pages in its notebook. We can understand why some of you will say they have no need for such an accessory, especially when the iPhone already comes with its built-in notebook, but there’s nothing better than being able to make a quick note on a piece of paper.

You may wonder what will keep the paper from opening; well that is entrusted with an elastic strap, as well as keeping a pen in place or even a car or two. The price of this strange accessory is $13.95, with more details available here.

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