Improved iPhone game immersion with added smells

If you love to play games on your iPhone, but feel as though it isn’t immersive enough, then there is a prototype device that could change all that. How awesome would it be to be able to play iPhone games, and add smells in as well?

A new Japanese startup has developed a small device that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone, where it can emit smells. This gadget could by synced with certain iPhone apps, which means a smell associated with what you are playing could be emitted.

Just imagine playing a racing game and then you start to get the smell of burning rubber, or you’re playing a game where you are at sea and can smell the salty water. The possibilities are endless, but let’s hope that there is not an error and the wrong smell is emitted, as that could make you throw up.

Thanks to DigInfoTV.


  1. This looks (or smells) like a great idea, but I think there’s no need for such feature.

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