iPhone 5S vs. HTC One comparison

We loved the new iPhone 5S from Apple and like the key changes to the specs, but it is true that this update will not be as big as that of an iPhone 6.

Apple like to perform a major design change every 2 years, so with this in-mind some of our readers might want to consider an update from iPhone 5 or an Android device carefully.

If you are thinking about jumping ship from Android to iOS 7, then the video we have featured below this article might interest you. It showcases the iPhone 5S vs. HTC One in a 12-minute comparison that aims to find out what smartphone is the best right now, which is a good watch if you own the HTC One or are considering jumping operating systems and phone hardware.

Do you think the newly launched iPhone 5S puts the ageing HTC One in its place?


  1. proteinshakes20 says:

    New HTC One release date, news and rumors : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8DfWTpeTLc

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