iOS 7.1.2 update silence

The silence around an iPhone iOS 7.1.2 update continues into the weekend and after Apple released the iOS 8 beta 1 to developers. We’ve heard from a few of our readers with an iPhone 5, 5S, and 4S having problems with their handset since installing iOS 7.1.1.

We first thought the iOS 7.1.2 iPhone update could be joined with iPad fixes before iOS 8 beta 1 became available for developers to download, although it is clear this isn’t the case anymore. Apple will always stay silent about their operating system updates, but that fact doesn’t help those constantly clicking the update tab to see if there’s fixes on the way to their problems.

How many times are you checking for the iOS 7.1.2 update each day? If you keep checking like us, then are you topping our morning and nightly checks or are you clicking the update button all day long? Let us know below. If your iPhone needs fixes for bugs, then let us know what problems you’re having in the comments.


  1. My iphone 5s is ios 7.1.2 version. My problem is about emoji. I can send emojis but i cannot received one, dots ……. appears instead of the emoji characters on my sms

  2. since updating to 7.1.1 my Bluetooth connection in my car seems to constantly have issues with calls, the sound becomes clicks and is totally inaudible.  I have had to stop the car, delete the phone from the stereo, and re-pair.  this did not happen previously!  Stereo is a Pioneer 3600DAB+.

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