OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus cases


So you now have your hands on the new iPhone 6 plus and now you will no doubt want to protect it from scrapes or drops that might happen. Being a much bigger phone you will want something that not only covers the back but also the front, so this is where the OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus cases come into … [Read more...]

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Plus cases


If you are the type of person who likes the outdoor life or loves to travel then you are no doubt going to want to make sure that your communication device is well protected. Urban Armor Gear cases for the iPhone 6 plus are constructed with a hard outer shell with a resistant soft core so that … [Read more...]

Custom iPhone 6 cargo cases with Skinit


Have you ever wanted to personalize your iPhone case or maybe surprise someone with a personalized gift for their phone, well now you can do just that with these iPhone 6 cargo cases with skint. These cases are made with simplicity in mind and with the textured edges you will get a comfortable … [Read more...]

iOS 8 download problems start


The iOS 8 download problems have started now the public upgrade is live and those trying to update right now are finding a very slow download time, or the iOS 8 update getting stuck. This is happening on iPhone and iPad versions. Apple iTunes servers are not down today, but they are being … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Plus pre-order start time


The iPhone 6 Plus pre-order start time is nearly with us and we are just 9 hours away from 12:01am. This is the kick off time for iPhone 6 pre-orders to start in Pacific Time at Apple's Store online, and of course with the likes of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T as well. You can head to … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Plus battery life vs. 5S


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus battery life information has been officially revealed and Apple put the stats next to iPhone 5S as well. We have included a screenshot taken from the Apple special event yesterday, which breaks down iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus battery life by different … [Read more...]

The iPhone 6 deal-breaker


What will Apple need to do with the iPhone 6 today at their special event to get your money? For some people it won't be much and they are already planning to upgrade as soon as the release date arrives, although for others they have certain features and designs in-mind that need to be revealed … [Read more...]

iOS 8 public release date


The iOS 8 public release date will be next week and the exact day is expected to be announced during Apple's keynote tomorrow. Last year, we saw a just over week gap between Apple's new iPhone event and the iOS 8 public release, so we have every reason to expect the same again in 2014. When … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 turned on in new leaks


The iPhone 6 is turned on in these photos and this is very different to many of the leaks we've seen recently, which mainly reveal a handset up close without any power going to it. Fans would always prefer to see a little life that in some cases is harder to fake. These pictures have leaked … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Gold Master release date in 3 days


The iOS 8 Gold Master release date hasn't been officially set, but we could say the same about an iPhone 6 being unveiled on September 9th, as we know there's an event and Apple hasn't named the products being showcased yet. We follow tradition and leaked photos to speculation on what will be … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 6 TV commercial teased early


The Apple iPhone 6 TV commercial has been teased early, well at least from a professional fan perspective. You can see the "Meet the iPhone 6" video below that offers a closer look at what looks to be exactly like the iPhone 6 photo leaks we've been seeing, although the video is presented just like … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD is back with 2014 movie updates


We knew that Cartoon HD had come back up and running for some people, but this week confirmation came on Twitter about new 2014 movies arriving to the Cartoon HD iPhone app for the first time since it was taken down. You can see a screenshot on this page, which was shared in a tweet by one iOS … [Read more...]

TMZ iPhone 6 against new leaked pictures


There's been two sets of new iPhone 6 leaked photos in the past week, which both claim to be almost certainly the real iPhone 6 phone and they have a few similarities. The first is TMZ iPhone 6 pictures that they cannot shout about enough in terms of authenticity, and the second batch come from Feld … [Read more...]

75M iPhone 6 sales by 2014 end


Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to receive a release date next month and most of our readers would agree about the expected success in terms of sales, although how well Apple will do is up for debate? One RBC analyst, Amit Daryanani, has taken a stab at predicting the iPhone 6 sales figures by the end … [Read more...]

Swing Copters app for iOS


The new Swing Copters app for iPhone and other iOS devices hasn't received a release date just yet, but the Flappy Bird creator did give a window of this week. It's unclear if Dong Nguyen's new app will be as addictive, but you can count on instant success on the iTunes August download chart with … [Read more...]